Rob Janoch, Principal

A mechanical engineer by training, Rob Janoch has over 30 years experience in process and equipment development in several high tech industries in the Boston area. His areas of expertise are mechanical and opto-mechanical design, laser materials processing, and photovoltaics manufacturing processes.

At Evergreen Solar he was a key player in the company's start-up, joining it a year after it was formed. At Evergreen he solved a number of silicon ribbon crystal growth process problems, managed the design and construction of early crystal growth furnaces, directed the startup of the crystal growth pilot line, and developed laser cutting processes and workstations. One of his projects was an innovative cut on the fly laser system for silicon ribbon.

At Mobil Solar (now Schott Solar), Rob developed laser and crystal growth furnace processes and equipment for EFG silicon ribbon. He also built a tester for solar cell panels and characterized solar panel performance and reliability.

At Digital Equipment Corp. (now HP), he worked on laser soldering of fine pitch components, circuit board manufacturing and concurrent engineering, and managed a worldwide program to upgrade manufacturing software tools.

At Polaroid, Rob was a component engineer for metal stampings and injection molded parts.

Rob has an MS in Mechanical Engineering from MIT, and a BS in Engineering and Applied Science from Yale University.

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