About us

Founded in 2007, Janoch Engineering is a small engineering services company.  We apply our in-house engineering skills and industrial experience, as well as leveraging the expertise of our partners, to solve manufacturing equipment and process development problems. 


Our expertise is opto-mechanical design, laser applications, and photovoltaics manufacturing.


Opto-mechanical design:

  • SolidWorks CAD
  • AutoCAD LT
  • Laser beam delivery design
  • Equipment assembly and debug

Process development:

  • Analysis & data collection
  • Hands-on development using existing equipment, job shops, contracted services
  • Technical and cost models

Project management:

  • Work as on-site contributor, independently, or as a project manager, as needed
  • Create and dissolve project teams, utilizing our partners, as appropriate for the scope of work


We partner with other small companies and consultants to provide the breadth and depth required of a given project.  Capabilities of some of our partners:


Circuit design

Mechanical design

Optical design

Controls & software - www.clipboardengineering.com

Software development

Machine shop

Photovoltaics process development

Laser job shop


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